Friday, 19 February 2016

Piet Mondrian

I have done many different Piet Mondrian inspired art activities.  But this one is now my absolute favorite and so easy to do!

These were all done by Kindergarten and Grade One students.  

The children dipped precut pieces of thick cardboard into a dish of black paint and used the cardboard to print lines on their white paper.  They were encouraged to make vertical and horizontal lines that would form rectangular shapes on their papers.  Watch out for those kids who are so fascinated by the printmaking that they don't know when to stop! :) 

When the paint had dried they were to look for enclosed shapes and colour them in using oil pastels in the primary colours.  

Some were so interesting even without the pastel.  I wish I had taken a few photos of those.  Either way I think they are frame-worthy!


  1. This is such a cute painting. I liked it a lot. My students at Phoenix kindergarten also love crafts and painting. I always organize contests for them and announce winners same day. It motivates them a lot and everyone liked it.

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  4. I like this a lot. How many sessions did this take? I'm assuming that if it was printing on day 1 and coloring on day 2 it didn't take too long to finish on day 2?

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